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Release 1.0.0b1 is out!

A complete diagramming library

lib_gg_orgchart allows you to draw organizational charts in your web pages. The input is easily defined in JSON format. This open-source, free software has unique advantages over other similar libraries that you can find in the web.

See the examples and get a broad view of what can be achieved with this library. Look inside for the JSON specifications and into the HTML code for directions about how to render the JSON-defined organizational structures.

If you like, take a look on other free software solution I have developed. Called "CRUDDER", it's a web-based CRUD component for database tables administration, with unique features not easily found in other free software solutions and an easy, intuitive and well documented interface.


Please note that branch 1.x is not backward compatible with the 0.x series. However, the migration should not require a lot of efforts.



[ NR == not released ] [ DNA == date not available ]



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Thanks to all of them and also to the people that have informed about bugs and/or requested features.



This work is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
Portions are licensed under the MIT license.



Gorka G LLona (profile).



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