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A powerful plug-in for web back-ends

CRUDDER is a web-based software component that simplifies development of web sites and systems. Almost every site requires a back-end administration tool that permits users to edit relevant database tables in an intuitive, ordered and secure way.

There are not so many out-of-the-box solutions available for solving this task. Here is where CRUDDER really excels. With a GNU GPL license, you can integrate it with your application in almost all cases. No more need to develop custom database CRUD (create, read, update, delete) modules. Advanced features allow you build the proper configuration according with your need.

CRUDDER main interfaces example (click to enlarge). Top-left: list of tables. Headers and footers are customizable. Metadata is stored in the four tables prefixed with "crudder_". A click on "Show" navigates to the list of fields for a specific table. Top-right: a table content display. Only a few fields are shown in order to maintain a clean interface. Ordering and sorting components are available. The typical buttons of a CRUD module are displayed: "New", "Update" and "Delete". Bottom-left: after a click on "Update", the table fields are shown for edition. Menus are dynamically built based on other tables content. Tooltips are available everywhere. Bottom-right: editing of a metatable. Here the CRUDDER is used to edit the tables that defines the application tables attributes (metatada).

CRUDDER is developed with both the PHP MVC framework CodeIgniter (from EllisLab) and Bootstrap (from Twitter). If you use CodeIgniter for your main application, just include two new classes and some views. If not, copy the CRUDDER code into a separate folder and join it with your application via URL separation.

The CRUDDER configuration derives from three sources. First, the CrudderConfig class, which decouples configuration from code. Second, through "metatables", that contain the CRUDDER parameters that should apply to each table and table field. And third, the views, decoupled as a rule when using the MVC approach (you can define different viewsets appart from the included with this distribution: Bootstraped and Raw).

CRUDDER allows edition of its own metatables through itself, which is a property known as "reflection" that if very unusual to find in user-level applications.

See the examples and get a broad view of what can be achieved with this component. Browse the metatables for catching the CRUDDER basic and advanced features in an easy way. If you download the package, you will get also a detailed PHPDoc-generated documentation.

If you like, take a look on other free software solution I have developed. Called "lib_gg_orgchart", it's a Javascript library that does automatic drawing of organizational charts based tree-like definitions expressed in JSON format. As of 24/march/2014, this library appears listed in the first page of results when you Google for "javascript organizational chart library".





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This work is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
Portions are licensed under the Apache License v2.0.



Gorka G LLona (profile).



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